Thursday, August 27, 2015

We should all be like JOE!

Today I was trying to put a very large container on my trailer at one of my customer's stores. I wasn't having much luck when Joe showed up. I knew that his name is Joe because it was sewn into his shirt pocket, J-O-E.

This young man drove a company  truck and was making a delivery. He saw me struggling and offered to help. He was strong and offered good suggestions; between the two of us we made short work of it.

I offered Joe some money, he declined. By the ring on his finger I could tell he was married. I suggested he take the money and take his wife to dinner. He declined. I didn't ask but I bet he had young children that he could of bought ice cream on his way home. I am sure they would jump into his arms and say thank you daddy we love you.

Joe didn't want or need the money. He just wanted to help. I am sure glad he did. Did I mention Joe was black? No because it didn't matter to either one of us. We both made a friend. If I ever see Joe again and he needs help with something, I will be first in line to be that guy. Joe proved something today.‪#‎colordoesntmatter

We should all be like Joe.